Aleppo Soap

This is a soap without perfume, dye, solvent free, no animal fat or synthetic product; it is 100% natural. Aleppo soap is made with olive oil, laurel oil, water and soda. The combination of olive oil and bay laurel oil will help your skin regain suppleness and softness, giving skin a more youthful look. It is sun-dried for 9 months where it acquires its brown crust on the outside and its green color on the inside. This soap was born in the fortress of Aleppo in Syria about 2,000 years ago 

The Benefits Of Using Aleppo Soap

The primary property of Aleppo soap is to deeply moisturise the skin. Recommended by most dermatologists, thanks to its natural composition, Aleppo soap is suitable for all skin types, whether healthy or problematic. Aleppo soap can help relieve itching for those suffering from psoriasis, acne and eczema.