Air Freshener Perfume - Lavender

Air Freshener Perfume - Lavender

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100 ml

These perfumes have been developed from essential oils . The aroma is fixed using a technique called "frosting" so as not to distort the scented essences. This technique requires 3 weeks of maceration in tanks so that the mixture with the alcohol is as dilute as possible. These tanks are filtered to remove plant debris. We dilute the perfumed concentrate with alcohol at 80 °.

Why essential oils and not a synthetic perfume?

This range enhances plants , natural raw materials are very complex and inimitable mixtures of aromatic compounds. The scent of a synthetic lavender or jasmine will never be as fine and beautiful as that of natural scent . Our nose can perceive small differences and subtleties that chemistry cannot imitate . We also wanted to highlight a 100% natural range ...