Congestion relief

Congestion relief

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10 ml

Congestion Relief helps to provide relief for a blocked or stuffy nose caused by colds and flu, sinusitis, hay fever and other allergic reactions. The essential oils reduce the swelling of the blood vessels in your nose and help open up the airways.


How to use

  • excellent for use in an aroma diffuser or oil burner to spread the oils throughout the room;
  • inhale a few drops on a tissue for quick relief;
  • add a few drops to your bathwater;
  • add a few drops to a carrier oil when having a massage;
  • apply a drop or two to your wrists and back of the neck. Do not apply to large areas of skin. It is advisable to test for a skin reaction before using in this way.


Cajeput, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Juniperberry, Peppermint, Piperita Mentha and Wintergreen.