Liquid Marseille soap - Argan oil

Liquid Marseille soap - Argan oil

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330 ml

Our liquid Marseille soaps are made in the heart of Provence using the traditional Marseille method.

They are environmentally friendly because they are 98% biodegradable, our formulas use renewable resources such as coconut oil; used for the care of the skin and hair, organic virgin olive oil rich in omega 9 which stimulates cell activity and prevents aging.

They are paraben free and synthetic surfactant free.

Liquid Marseille soap is obtained by a hot saponification reaction lasting 12 hours in a cauldron of vegetable oils (Copra, Olive, Argan, etc.) mixed with potash. Our manufacturing technique is part of a Sustainable Development approach. The perfumes used are made in Grasse, the capital of Perfumes. Liquid Marseille soap washes and nourishes your skin without attacking it or drying it out. Contrary to popular belief, soap is much less aggressive and drying than a shower gel.

This liquid Marseille soap is a good effective cleanser on oily skin.